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*open this site on Desktop Chrome to install the Extension and to learn moreā€¦

How this works

Watch a movie with sound and subtitles, both in the language you aim to learn.

Subtitles will help you understand the pronunciation and activate your visual memory!
Open in a browser on your phone. It will receive subtitles from the movie.

Click on words to translate them without interrupting the movie!
Enjoy the movie, seriously!

Don't try to translate every word. Entertainment comes first, learning second.

Supported Services


Step 1

Install LingvoTV Chrome Extension, then click on it in the Toolbar and enter your email.

Step 2

Open the Web App in any browser on your phone, tablet or a separate window and signup using the same email.

Step 3

Return to Chrome Browser, where you installed the extension and open a movie on a supported service.

Don't forget to turn on the sound and subtitles both in the language you want to learn.

Play it!

Once you see subtitles in the movie, same subtitles are displayed in the Web App

Now you can click on words and translate them.



Good for translating words on the fly

  • Receive subtitles in the Web App
  • Translate subtitles
  • 50 translations per day

Calculating ... /month - cancel anytime

Perfect for efficient learning

  • Receive subtitles in the Web App
  • Translate subtitles
  • 50 translations per day limit
  • View and edit the history of translated words
  • Export the history to use with other tools like Quizlet
  • Support the future development of LingvoTV
  • Email support
  • Vote on new features

Upcomming features

  • Better vocabulary, without translations limit
  • Play/pause the movie from the Web App
  • FlashCards game with words you translated